Often, large financial institutions invest heavily in data and big teams of analysts to create reports that inform important business decisions. Smaller banks and credit unions don’t typically have that luxury and make do with cookie-cutter reports that tell a narrow story.

Edge Tradeworks’ analytics allow financial institutions of any size to have it all with context-driven reports that curate information from the most widely-accepted data resources and present it in an easy-to-access format. No longer do you have to put up with slow, expensive, manual, and inflexible resources. With Edge, you can access the data you rely on and get it in a format that is more meaningful and far less expensive.

Traditional Analytics

Many resources required to generate average, inflexible report

Edge Analytics

Fewer resources required to generate better, more comprehensive final reports

Learn how your peers are gaining the edge with the Edge Tradeworks’ analytics platform. Reach out to Clark Akers at cakers@edgetradeworks.com for a quick demo or to get started today.