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Remove the Guesswork from Trading Loans.

Avoid paying too much or charging too little for your loans.

  • Buy and sell loans with complete transparency
  • Negotiate directly with your counterparties and share files, analytics and ideas in a private and secure environment
  • Achieve defensible loan prices backed by data and robust analytics, with workflow permanently recorded for your internal team, regulators and auditors
  • Leverage meaningful data to evaluate your current or prospective markets and gain valuable insight about your institution and your peers

Complete Transparency

Unlike traditional transactions which are opaque and require layers of resources, we offer clarity and transparency with meaningful data for every organization and loan.

Widespread Connections

We connect a trusted community of financial institutions who recognize the value of a nationwide marketplace that maximizes exposure and opportunities.

Meaningful Returns

Edge offers the peace of mind that you are getting a great deal when buying or selling loans. Lower fees and higher profits maximize the return for both buyers and sellers.

Optimized Trade Experience (TXTM)

We believe that you deserve to consistently fortify your bottom line by getting the best price possible for each and every loan that you trade. Edge Tradeworks has reengineered the loan trading process to empower financial institutions to make fair, efficient and profitable transactions.


Edge Tradeworks deepens the perspective of analysts and loan traders with extensive market data and robust loan valuation models that power informed decisions. Our rich analytics, bolstered by our instant, custom peer analysis tool, illustrates market trends, highlights competitive advantages and opportunities, and provides regulatory insights.


Edge Members engage in a trusted and informed community where all are equipped to negotiate loan trades at a fair price, without the costly mark-up of intermediaries. Participating in a broader marketplace built on a foundation of transparency drives increased liquidity and new revenue opportunities while increasing user productivity and reducing time to close.

How It Works:


Register with Edge

Gain immediate access to relevant, detailed and sophisticated analytics that power informed and confident decisions on all types of loan sales and purchases.


Buy Loans

Submit a loan inquiry to the Edge network for specific loan types, metrics and sizes. Edge algorithmically matches counterparties with loans available nationwide.


Sell Loans

Upload your loan tape using our intuitive template. Leverage Edge data, analytics and Reference Pricing within our expanded marketplace and gain the confidence you are making a great deal.

A Membership Agreement is required to conduct transactions. The agreement simply outlines member expectations and the rules of engagement that ensure our participants are part of a trusted community.

A New, Better Way of Trading

Capital follows transparency.

Edge Tradeworks has built an electronic marketplace that reengineers the whole loan trading process to empower financial institutions to make fair, efficient and profitable transactions. Members achieve a unique edge by leveraging the information and transparency they need to make informed and confident decisions.

By leveling the playing field, we help create additional value and drive a more robust revenue stream. The result? The confidence that you have made a great deal.


“The Edge platform brings transparency to bank balance sheet transactions that have typically been hard to value and negotiate with other institutions. The system allows for communication with other institutions that we would not normally have access to and broadens our partner base. Edge helps bring together partners, providing both liquidity and acquisition opportunities and is a tool for institutions regardless of the complexity of the company. We will definitely be using Edge for future transactions.”

Michael Mettee
CFO, FirstBank


“Edge was highly instrumental in the successful execution of the sale of a fairly unique loan portfolio. Their use of technology to analyze and illustrate the pool, as well as to introduce market buyers to the transaction, was key. Great platform from which to introduce loan pools to the market.”

Hunter Battle

President, Tower Community Bank Mortgage


“We have made repeat purchases on the Edge exchange. The data is robust for effective decision making on purchasing loans that bankers need for their portfolios. It is easy to use and the support staff are ready and willing to help you quickly. We will continue to look for opportunities to add quality loans to our loan portfolio on the Edge exchange.”

Ted H. Williams

CEO, TriStar Bank