Edge Tradeworks has re-engineered the whole loan trading process to leverage data, analytics and an innovative platform to empower financials institutions to make fair, efficient and profitable transactions – without intermediaries.  Unlike traditional transactions that are expensive and require layers of resources, our trading platform offers clarity and transparency backed by meaningful data and analytics designed to help you make a great deal.

Below are some loans that may be accretive to your portfolio:

C&I PE Portfolio Loans
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  • $75mm outstanding balance
  • C&I loans made to Private Equity Groups at the portfolio level
  • 1.12 WAL
  • 29 mos weighted average seasoning
  • Weighted Avg Coupon 4.32%
  • Avg. Balance $3.877mm

Bank Held Mortgages
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  • $11mm seasoned fixed and adjustable first mortgage loans
  • Weighted average FICO 730
  • Weighted average initial LTV 84%
  • Weighted average initial DTI 36%
  • Weighted average coupon 3.70%
  • Weighted average outstanding balance $197,000
  • 56 loans

Bank Held Mortgages
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  • $1.5mm seasoned fixed and adjustable first mortgage loans
  • Weighted average FICO 718
  • Weighted average original LTV 69%
  • Weighted average coupon 5.36%
  • 8 loans with weighted average outstanding balance of $195,00

Bank Originated Condo Loans (new issue and will originate)
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  • High-Quality loans by strong bank underwriter
  • This is an example of 4 second home loans
  • Bank can originate to meet investor demand

Equipment Finance Loans
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  • Single loan: $994,855.97
  • 4% coupon
  • Level Principal and Interest paid monthly
  • 6/15/2026 maturity
  • $343,418 balloon payment at maturity
  • Collateral: specific equipment, two commercial contracts associated with the equipment, and the associated revenue and license for each contract. 
  • Income of contracts must maintain income amount equal or more than 1.2 times debt service.
  • If contract income falls below 1.2 times debt service one of three things must happen:
    • Client must provide additional contracts to maintain 1.20 DSCR 
    • Paydown of principal enough to allow monthly payment to cover 1.20 DSCR
    • Pay off the note

CRE Triple Net Lease (NNN)
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  • Bank Underwriter with an established track record
  • New origination
  • Single, nationally recognized investment grade tenants
  • Weighted average coupon 3.83%
  • Weighted average life 4.81 years

Bank Portfolio 120+ days late

  • Total outstanding balance $443,000
  • 3 loans
  • One of the three loans in bankruptcy

CRE Loan (Retail)

  • $1.1mmm
  • Prescott, AZ Retail
  • Prime +1.5%, maturity 3/15/2039
  • First reset 3/15/29, additional resets every 5 years
  • LTV 75%, DSC 1.39

CRE Loan (Hotel)
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  • $5.9mm
  • Nashville, TN
  • Participation in a $71mm loan 
  • Development of 2 hotels, Class A office space, retail space, and parking garage
  • Construction completed in 2019
  • 9 Banks total, largest participant holds $23mm
  • LTV 58%
  • 25 year amortization
  • 1 mo Libor +3.5%

Construction Loan

  • $2.6mm
  • Nashville, TN Single Family Green Hills spec construction loan
  • Proven experienced builder of high-end single-family homes in the Nashville area
  • Established and successful track record
  • Strong personal balance sheet
  • 80% LTV
  • 18-month loan at 4.5%

C&I Loan

  • $6.25mm
  • 50% participation of up to $5mm in exposure (other loans to same company can be included)
  • Strong brand name with broad product distribution
  • $6.5mm EBITDA for 2021
  • 1.05 debt-to-EBITDA using full commitment amounts


ITIN (W-7) Loans COMING SOON-Q1 2022 

  • First Mortgage Loans
  • Minimum $50k
  • Max $425k with max sales price of $500k
  • Max LTV of 85%
  • DTI cannot be greater than 43% with no compensating factors.
  • Rates provided for 75%, 80%, and 85% LTV.
  • No FICO below 660.
  • Loans must be closed with closing attorneys/title companies approved by the underwriting bank (currently only two title companies approved).
  • Only Single Family detached homes are eligible.
  • Double-wide mobile homes with land up to 10 acres maximum are eligible.
  • Single-wide mobile homes are not eligible.
  • Condos and townhomes are not eligible.
  • If seller has owned property for less than 6 months, a second appraisal is required.
  • All taxes and insurance must be escrowed.
  • Valid Government photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) required.
  • All borrowers are screened for OFAC and other lists.
  • Evidence of an SSN# makes applicant ineligible.

Other Loans coming in 2022

  • $50mm Equipment Finance Loan Package 
  • Equipment Finance Loans, Individual 
  • Solar Loans 
  • $200mm Fixed Rate Mortgages 
  • Multifamily Housing Loans
  • Gentleman (Hobby) Farm Loans