Edge Approach to Calculating CECL

When calculating CECL, Edge utilizes the regularly updated Moody’s Expected Consumer Credit Loss (ECCL) data file, which provides five-dimension (economic scenario, loan type, vintage, state, and FICO) prepayment and credit loss assumptions through econometric models...

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How does Edge Tradeworks calculate loan prices?

Edge Tradeworks uses an Option-Adjusted Spread (OAS) discounted cash flow approach to calculate loan prices. The OAS approach is superior to traditional approaches that use yield or static spread (Z-spread). Traditional pricing approaches only use one interest rate...

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Loan Marketplace Highlights | December 2021

Edge Tradeworks has re-engineered the whole loan trading process to leverage data, analytics and an innovative platform to empower financials institutions to make fair, efficient and profitable transactions – without intermediaries.  Unlike traditional...

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